Creeps and Lovers

by Freshkills

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released June 6, 2006



all rights reserved


Freshkills New York

“Freshkills inhabit a dark but thrilling underworld in which relentless machine-like rhythmic intensity hammers ear-anvils at the bidding of wryly louche after-hours philosophy. They’re the visceral embodiment of power and poetry.” - Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Cramps, Sonic Youth) ... more

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Track Name: Creeps and Lovers
So sick of my own skin I've got to take a drink before I hit the shower./ Some syphlatic cow finds me online, says she's my friend, I doubt it./Heavy petting, happy endings, becomes a chore but we still go there./ When I finally sleep at night, I dream of bad porn, cold sores.
Chorus:We're taking all comers. For the creeps. For the lovers.
Turn the goddamn cellphone off, leave the stillettoes on./ We must be out of drugs. I just had an emotion./ Last time I fell in love was 1997. She's been hot, unstable, ever since she got dropped by her label.
We're taking all comers. For the creeps. For the lovers.
We're taking all comers. Love the creeps. Fuck the lovers.
Track Name: Future in Publishing
Stay a union man. Remain loyal to no one side. Never let the Stalinist, the apologists forget the blood on their hands./ Enter a bar Dunleavy, leave Hammil. The cops on the beat they appreciate you because, just like them, you see Kitty Genovese everywhere./
Sing it louder. Sing it louder. Sing it louder. Sing it!
Chorus: It's impossible to know/ your false friends will tell you so/ you've got a future in this world/ it's a headache.
When your lover leaves you. call her a faithless amateur. make the walls of your home hotel walls./ And when your lover leaves you. and she will. call her a faithless amateur. Tell her she's got a future. Yeah, a future. In publishing.
It's your world, baby. There's no world, baby. It's a wild world, babe. Take it now.
Track Name: Taste of Metal
1,2,3,4...everybody in this town is my best friend now./ Everybody is gonna hate me when I come down./Why not let me go to your head?/ Why not in your best friend's bed now?
1,2,3,4...the metal feels good in my mouth/singing 1,2,3,4...Inside you know you're right.
Finally I see the light. Well, I see some light.
It was the week after disaster./ the bridges were out, so we went faster./
what's the point of friendship you don't abuse it?/ what's a useful object you don't use it?
1,2,3,4 etc.
Oral sex with strangers because we ain't dead yet./ Keep it complicated, or forget it. Singing 1,2,3,4
Track Name: Hot Ex-wife Action
You're wearing a black dress alright/ your skin is pale, but we knew that./ we should have seen this one coming/ you look like my date./ well, well, well, well everybody find a love that fits/ when you see me now, first you smile, then you spit.
We know each other's birth marks/ history of undressing/ we always said we'd part as friends well/ we said a lot of things. God bless us.
Well,well, etc.
Out of Manhattan and back into Greenpoint/ never left Poland if they knew they'd end here/ sonya and Tanya and what the fuck happened?/ Black leather boots ever stop tapping?/ I know this heart, the way that it cheats./ I know this bed. I know these sheets.
Some people see stars, I see/ empty hotel rooms, unmade beds/ we always swore that we'd never be here again/ we swore a lot of things/ yeah yeah yeah.
Well, well, etc. etc.
Track Name: Is there Enough Cocaine in the World to Make you Care About Me?
Courtney says I can/ got a coniption I call my friend./ Courtney says I'm dead. That's alright we can still be friends./ Powder burns in the bathroom. powder burns on the bedroom wall./ someday soon you'll see me crawl.
Chorus: So, you're in love. Doesn't mean you'll come any harder. I come right apart, when you end what we started.
Courtney says it's science, the way the sky keeps crashing down./ Courtney says she's tired of all this empty sound.
Oh, mom, can you see us now? Can you feel this need, like disease?
Track Name: If Things Don't Change
My ultimatum fell in love with yours./ two vacant lovers, isn't that what nature abhors?/ I'm never surprised to see you without your clothes./ our favorite secrets are the kind that everybody know.
Chorus: If things don't change, well they better. And who can blame us for the way we feel about each other?
I do not trust the proclivities of the young/ those vicious dandies and their vicious ideas of fun./ I read in a magazine there's a city rising up around us./ Our faith in the future that never comes/ is the tie that binds us.
Here we are, just like we used to be.
I will not leave you for the boys in the band. I will not leave you for the girls in the scene. I will not leave you for the suckers born a minute ago. I will not leave you for the suckers working the clubs and the streets. I will not leave you for those boys on the subway, those fauxhawked fucks, the way they talk:"Oh!Oh! Didn't I meet you at the Fader party?"
Here we are, here we are, just like we used to be, just like we used to feel.
Track Name: Live in the City
Hey there, little runaway, cassanova got to get himself straight./Save the suicide for your birthday./ what you call fighting, I call fore play.
We can make it happen. We can live in the city all our lives.
Hey there, little F.I.T., you're not the first to fake it during fashion week./ I love the maniquins and the new speak/ turn your face, I kiss the other cheek.
We can make it happen.
Hey there, little cast away, where you end up is where you aught to stay./ I take my lessons from the MTA/ it's not what the city takes, it's what you give away.
We can make it happen.
You can put your hand to the walls of the bathroom stall and pretend it's Berlin/ you can embrace the new jack, beat the ghosts back, call yourself Vicadin/ you can move to the Northwest, Portland, Oregon, where the girls are easy and the boys lack ambition. You can put your arms to the wall of the bathroom stall and it's alright/ it's not alright, but it's alright because we live in the city.
Track Name: Soda Water
We used to laugh at the working classes/ now you're dating commies and your sense of humor's suffered./ We used to kiss like a candy car crash/ now I'm killing commies and my social life has suffered.
And they say "are you going uptown?" "No, man, I'm not looking to score."
And they say "are you going downtown?" I say "why? when I've been there before."
They say we love you. We really love you. They say we love something about you.
We gave birth to a corpse for their casket./now I call you "princess" because your so precious./ We gave birth to a corpse for their casket./now I call you "baby" because your fantastic.
And they say to me...etc.
Chorus:In the time it takes two people meet. A little soda water, get the blood out. In the time it takes to clean the sheets. Little soda water, get the blood out. Who's going to tell this story? Who's gonna bother to write it down? Who's gonna make a conversation piece of this weakness and this doubt?
You can love a movie for it's casting/ still hate the disaffection of the upper middle classes.
Settle down now. Just Settle down.
Track Name: Hands Up
Now I feel blessed/I'm turning into something else./ Now I feel free/ my third eye is killing me./ No soul, no sense of passion/ I give myself over to fashion/ carry my body over/to a warm place and sober.
Can you see the water rising?
Now I feel free/ my third eye is killing me./ No I have distance/ carry my body to the finish.
Can you see the water rising?
Hands up, who's in love/ with the blind and ecstatic/ the ecstatic and dumb?
It's 5 am and I'm stranded again with the same std's i call my friends/ the names have been dropped, or at least they're forgotten/ the doors are unlocked for the numbers we've called in/ i'm on the staircase with white knee high socks/ I'm tracing her outline with hands made of chalk/ she's wearing white shorts/ works in publicity/ she says "you don't like me. That's why you're kissing me."
Hands up.